Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Emergence Into Imagination.


As my days of Napa life dwindle, these two worlds that seem so distant are rapidly becoming closer.  Less than a month away from stepping off the plane into Kathmandu,  followed by a month of language school in Dhaka,  and into my 6 months in Kolkata I am... well... not sure how to prepare.

Applying for Visas, taking Winston Brown on walks, and coaching volleyball seems to crowd my days.  I enjoy coming home to such great parents everyday as well as coaching and working with a fantastic group of girls... but the time has come.

While India by no means needs my presence, and while often i feel more inclined to life here, simply because i understand more of the culture, speak a common language, and could probably learn spanish... I have still chosen to go for one reason.  The renewal of my imagination.  
The poor, enslaved, and oppressed are not far from the front steps of my home in California, yet my ability to see and act is tainted as I am often distracted by my own selfishness and complacency.  My hope is that by going to India and living amongst the poor, I might learn what it means to love and live freely from those women who will host me.  I hope to be introduced to an imagination of life outside money, materialism, successful careers, and isolated/fragmented ways of living.  Right now i struggle to step outside of what America tells me to do.    

In a world with so much darkness I chose hope.  My prayer is that I can offer myself in any way towards that hope as I work alongside, eat alongside, and live alongside women coming out of prostitution.  Hopefully we can give to each other as we work towards freedom and love.  


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